This is a repost from 2007. After winning “Britain’s Got Talent”, Paul Potts has become a globally successful tenor. He continues to inspire all of us with his music and his example of living as God’s Instrument.

My son showed me a remarkable video on Easter afternoon. It featured a singer in a recent “Britain’s Got Talent” competition (Britain’s version of American Idol).  Paul Potts, a mobile phone salesman from South Wales, walked onto the stage and stood humbly in front of the judges. When asked why he was there, he said simply, “To sing opera.”  The judges exchanged looks of skepticism as Simon Cowell said, “We’re ready when you are.”  You could almost hear what they were thinking…”You sure don’t look like someone who could sing opera.”

The music began, and Paul opened his mouth, his voice soaring, strong and beautiful as he sang the aria “Nessun Dorma” by Puccini.  The effect he had on the crowd (and the judges) was amazing.  People wiped away tears, rose to their feet, cheered.  The unassuming Paul Potts then went on to win the entire competition.  To see why, please watch this video:

In an interview with Potts, he says, “I’ve always been a little bit different.  It’s been hard for me to have confidence in myself.  But when I sing, I don’t have that problem.  I’m in the place where I should be.  My life-long dream is to spend my life doing what I was born to do.”

The former mobile car salesman has become a musical sensation and is now on a world tour.  His one show in Los Angeles this week has long been sold-out.  Paul Potts has realized his dream.

I was inspired by this man.  I was deeply moved not only by his singing, but by his authenticity, by the courage it must have taken for him to reveal his gift to the world, by what I saw in his eyes of his triumph over difficult circumstances to finally arrive at his time to shine.  I found my soul saying to his…”Good for you, Paul. You deserve it.  Good for you.”

Paul Potts is leading a transformed life because he transformed himself.  In doing the necessary inner work of transforming his heart and mind, he became what he was always meant to be….a worthy instrument.  And so it is for you and me.  Each of us is a chosen instrument for a unique Divine Idea (in fact, you are a divine idea!) Only you can give this to the world.  Do what it takes to be a fitting instrument for the grand plan that God has for your life. Trust God.  Trust yourself.  Do what puts you “in the place where you should be.”  If you do, your time to shine is coming.  It’s inevitable!

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