Welcome Dear Friend!
We are so happy to offer you this free on-line Meditation Series. I have entitled it “Your 12 Powers” because these are your 12 Divine Powers; the qualities of your Higher Consciousness. As we discover through the practice of meditation, we are far more than we think. In fact, we are far more than thought. We are unlimited in our potential, and to realize this potential, we go deeper than the thoughts which flow through our minds. This Meditation series is suitable for anyone on any – or no – religious path. Meditation is about transformation and evolution – about self-realization and understanding ourselves as the Universe embodied. If you are a Christian, you may think of this as your Christ Consciousness; “letting that Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

How You Will Benefit from Meditation

  • Meditation if practiced regularly will, over time, change your mind and your brain.
  • Meditation will clear your mind and contribute to emotional stability.
  • Meditation will help you control your attention, which will then help you become aware of the information that is – at all times – flowing through your mind. Most people are unaware that they are thinking all the time and that their attention is following this stream of thought. Meditation will help you separate your identity from this stream of thought.
  • When we learn through meditation to stay in the moment, we become more aware of our thoughts and are then able to choose which ones we want to think.
  • Meditation will relieve stress and tension, anxiety and panic attacks, help your body heal itself from inflammatory diseases, and other stress-related illnesses, strengthen your immune system, and lower your blood pressure and heart rate. There are other benefits as well.
  • Meditation will help you discover your real self, which is Pure Awareness.
  • Meditation will change you and that will change your life!

Our Topics
We will meditate together on one divine power each day for the next 14 days. The first and last meditations are bonus days. I invite you to join me for all 14 days! As you meditate with me, you will come to understand the elements of meditation and will learn how to use them in your daily practice.

  • Day One Bonus Day: I celebrate myself!
  • Day Two: Your Divine Power of Faith
  • Day Three: Your Divine Power of Strength
  • Day Four: Your Divine Power of Wisdom
  • Day Five: Your Divine Power of Love
  • Day Six: Your Divine Power of Mastery
  • Day Seven: Your Divine Power of Imagination
  • Day Eight: Your Divine Power of Understanding
  • Day Nine: Your Divine Power of Will
  • Day Ten: Your Divine Power of Order
  • Day Eleven: Your Divine Power of Enthusiasm
  • Day Twelve: Your Divine Power of Letting Go
  • Day Thirteen: Your Divine Power of Life
  • Day Fourteen Bonus Day: I am a marvel!

Thank you for joining me~ I send you my love and blessings!

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