Touching Testimonials from Unity of AV Members

I was in a really difficult place in my personal life and contacted Nancy. It turned out to be a great decision. She coached and walked me thru a VERY difficult time in my life and was very understanding, loving and firm. She’s truly a God send and a light on this planet. I highly recommend her. She helped me quiet my own over-active mind and realize the goodness of God which is everywhere.. always.— Joe Dawes

I began a search for a body of believers that was all-inclusive and loving. I found Unity through an Internet search and learned that Rev. Nancy was beginning a class on “Spiritual Liberation.” I read the first chapter and was hooked. Every message and every class echoes what I have believed for some time. If I had to choose one word for Unity it would be AFFIRMATION. I know spirit has led us with every step to Unity.— Linda Alexander

It is an honor to recognize such an incredibly eloquent and inspirational speaker such as Nancy J. Oristaglio. The first time I heard her speak, I felt an instant connection to her and her magical energy. She is truly gifted. She takes subjects that can be quite complicated and puts them into easy-to-understand language. As a counselor, she is phenomenal. She puts the person at ease instantaneously and allows them to tap into empowerment. She makes you feel inspired, empowered and free.— Andrea Lane

Since a young age I’ve wanted to know God. Every time I made some insight into the nature of God, I was told I was wrong—these insights didn’t fit into the “God Box” (my teacher’s idea of God). I would let this divert me from my spiritual path, but last year—when this happened again, I was determined not to be delayed a single second longer. I found Unity of AV and Rev. Nancy as she was teaching from Spiritual Liberation. No more “God Box” imposed by others, and every week’s lesson helped break down the walls of my own incomplete understanding. All of you and Rev. Nancy are showing me the face of God and my gratitude cannot be adequately expressed.
~Chuck Alexander

After having grown up in a Fundamentalist Christian home, I started questioning my beliefs after college. I searched for many years for a spiritual connection in my life, and I tried many churches—from Catholic to Religious Science. I liked the idea of Unity and its connectedness to everything, I am extremely pleased with Rev. Nancy—I love her classes and Sunday talks. I appreciated very much Nancy being such a “wellness” minister—she said it was a blessing for her to be able to visit me when I was in the hospital. I enjoy doing things for Unity of AV, and I am very involved.
~KJoy Kemper

Unity has given me a new sense of self and I feel I am a part of something bigger. I was hooked the first time I heard Rev. Nancy talk. I felt the substance of her talk. I feel I have a place here and I’ve been able to develop my skills as a leader. I am able to give in a way that I had always wanted to. Unity has made me feel content and fulfilled and given me a sense of peace. I am very grateful for being able to give back.
~Laurie Minsal

Unity for me was a way to connect the spiritual dots. The people in the congregation are friendly, happy, peaceful and inspirational. With Unity I got to the point of finding the way to “trainsformation” and I have “immUnity” to ego.
~Mariano Codecido

I have been in Unity for over 20 years. It appealed to me because it is practical Christianity. Unity involves you in your faith in many ways not just prayer. Plus, I needed a spiritual home which respected all individuals—all paths to God. I especially like what Unity of AV brings to my children—a loving spiritual home. Unity has truly blessed my life! Rev. Nancy has created a warm loving environment at Unity of AV. I feel like I am surrounded by great friends each Sunday. How great is that?
~Jan Thomas

I am so happy to have been asked to interview Unity members to learn what Unity means to them. From the first time I walked into Unity of AV for the “Spiritual Liberation” class in September 2010, I felt that I had found a new home. Since I first attended a Unity service last fall, I have felt enveloped in love and acceptance. The messages from Rev. Nancy each week have given me a feeling of peace and calm that I have not felt in a long time. Unity has taught me that all is well in my world.
~Barbara Vilardo

I was raised in a Christian Science home, and I also attended Religious Science churches. I feel Unity is more Christ-oriented than Religious Science is, and I have been attending Unity on and off for 24 years. After quite a long absence, I knew I needed to come back. I always feel better when I connect with other people. I have been attending more regularly since Rev. Nancy has been here. She’s a sweetheart and very inspirational.
~Chris Hasse

I grew up Lutheran but attended many churches, including Catholic, Mormon and Religious Science, searching for something that I could feel comfortable with. I still felt the need for a more spiritual experience. I used to listen to Unity on the radio, and it seemed to connect with me as no other teaching had. Tom and I discovered the Unity Church of AV six years ago, and we were greatly impressed with Rev. Nancy and her real warmth. We were also impressed with the openness and friendliness shown us by other congregation members. Rev. Nancy has inspired all of us with her talks, given hope with her prayers, and helped us grow in our spiritual quest. We feel extremely blessed to have found this church and Rev. Nancy.
~Vivian Wardlaw

After a life-long experience attending New Thought churches (Christian Science, Unitarian, Religious Science), I began to feel a need for a less “philosophical” and more “personal” spiritual teaching. Vivian shared in this feeling, and six years ago we visited the Unity Church of the Antelope Valley. Rev. Nancy’s inspiring messages were just what we were seeking. We were particularly grateful for the clarity of her talks, where she always provided useful everyday spiritual tools that we could apply in our own lives. Finally, we gained a much deeper appreciation of the power of prayer—something that has become a part of our everyday spiritual practices. Finally, I am thankful to Rev. Nancy for giving me several very rewarding opportunities to volunteer my service in meeting church needs.
~Tom Wardlaw

After searching for more than 20 years for a church that taught that GOD IS LOVE in the Sanctuary as well as in the Children’s Church, in 1976 I read in the Antelope Valley Press that a church called Unity of Antelope Valley had classes available. My teacher had finally appeared. A friend and I attended those classes for two years before becoming members of the Church. We had much to unlearn, but we got involved in service, and I’ve never stopped. This is MY CHURCH, and I love that GOD speaks through Rev. Nancy as she brings HIS messages to us. We are so blessed to have her as our minister.
~Juanita Thomas

In the past I had attended Religious Science churches in Palm Desert and Lancaster. I also attended the Unity church in Palm Springs. When I was looking for a church in this area, a friend in New Thought told me about Rev. Nancy. I believe that when the student’s ready, the teacher appears! Rev. Nancy’s messages 99% of the time are right on the money! I have been attending here ever since.
~Bob Domin

When I first came to Unity three years ago I couldn’t believe I’d found a spiritual community like this in the Antelope Valley. It was a place where I could be myself and feel comfortable bringing my twins. Rev. Nancy went out of her way to make us feel welcomed, and her sermons and the wonderful people she attracted to Unity kept me coming back every Sunday. When my father became ill, Rev. Nancy was there for me and my family. And after he made his transition, she drove down to Pasadena to be our minister for his Memorial Service. She gave a beautiful sermon and it was a great comfort to have her there. Thank you, Unity and Rev. Nancy for the many ways you’ve enriched my life.
~Kate Reed