day12There is a pop song called “Bruises” by the band Train that came out in late 2012. “Everybody loses. We all got bruises.” So true! In this human life experience, all of us have been hurt by people and situations and these hurts have left bruises on our hearts.

But if we are wise, we will let them go, for if we continue to hold onto them, we cannot be open to new and more fulfilling experiences. Charles Fillmore writes, “Thoughts are things; they occupy space in the mental field. A healthy state of mind is attained and continued when the thinker willingly lets go the old thoughts. Living old thoughts over and over keeps the inlet of the new thoughts closed.”

Jesus’ teachings were very clear about letting go; he called it forgiveness. For he knew that God is always filling us with new ideas and opening new possibilities for fulfillment for us. However, if we are filled with our bruises – thinking about them – dwelling in them – feeling resentful, angry, or in the case of the need to forgive ourselves, remorseful – then we cannot hear these ideas or see these new possibilities for good. We must let go.

Your Divine Power of Letting Go, what Fillmore called Renunciation, is within you now. And with it and through its cleansing work in our minds and hearts, we are free from the past and are open channels for good.

Our affirmation for today is:

I release and I let go.

With My Love and Blessings,
Rev. Nancy

Today’s meditation audio: