day6“Man is the power of God in action.” -Charles Fillmore

I like this quote very much, for it reminds us that we are the expressions of God and of God’s power, God’s ideas, God’s intelligence and God’s love. This is why we are here….to access our Divine Powers and to bring them out to create our world and to better this world, just as Jesus did.

There’s a very big difference between being God’s power in action and the personal ego in action. The first is our divine heritage. The second is the ego’s assumption of power of itself. However, as God’s power in action, we must first accept our Divine Power of Mastery. It’s one of the many paradoxes on the spiritual path that we must accept God’s power in us if we are to do God’s work. With that power, we can do all that is ours to do.

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.— Ephesians 4:13

Our Affirmation for Today is:

I am God’s power in action.

With My Love and Blessings,
Rev. Nancy

Today’s meditation audio: