Dear Friend,
Many years ago Charles Fillmore wrote a book called The Twelve Powers. In it, he discussed 12 spiritual powers or qualities within each one of us. These spiritual powers describe the qualities of your Higher Consciousness; your awareness of God dwelling in you, as you. There are other names as well – Christ Consciousness, Christ Mind, Buddha-nature, Unitive Consciousness. But no matter what you call it, it is what you really are.

Your Divine Powers, Your Divine Potential

As we work with and grow in our awareness of our divine powers, we gradually realize that we’re no longer limited to what we think we are, nor are we what others have said we are. Instead, we learn that we are a vast treasure of unlimited potential, just waiting to be awakened in us. As we become aware of this, we tap into it and begin to use these higher powers to create a better world for ourselves and for others.
In the next 12 days, we will meditate on our 12 Divine powers, one each day. Your consciousness of the miracle that you are will expand as you think about and meditate on each one.

Let us begin by celebrating ourselves!

Our affirmation for today is:

I celebrate myself!

I celebrate you and send you love and blessings!
Rev. Nancy

Today’s meditation audio: