day8Many of us may be familiar with the Bible story of Solomon who, when God asked him what gift to give him, replied that he would like to have an “understanding heart.” God granted him this, and along with this, also “riches and honor.” Later in the story Solomon uses his understanding heart to solve a difficult problem successfully.

Our Divine Power of Understanding is the understanding heart in us- or put another way – the heart, or center of true understanding is within us. It is what we may call our intuition – it is knowing that we know, often without knowing how we know.

Albert Einstein wrote that his work relied on his intuition. And in an interview in 1930 said, “The ability to work by intuition is one that can be acquired in any walk of life. It comes as the result of prolonged effort and reflection and application and failures and trying again.”

To have this “brain of the heart” or heart of understanding, we, too, must desire it and strive for it. Charles Fillmore wrote that “no one ever attained spiritual consciousness without striving for it. The first step is to ask. Then make your mind receptive to higher understanding through your meditations and affirmations.” This we will do today in our meditation.

Our Affirmation for Today is:

I open myself to listen to Spirit within.

With My Love and Blessings,
Rev. Nancy

Today’s meditation audio: