Lessons from 2013

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A New Now


What if we live in a timeless Universe? Einstein proved time was relative. Hawking says in addition to linear time that there is also “imaginary time.” What if all the possibilities that could ever exist – or ever did exist – are present now? What if this realm of infinite possibility is what Jesus called › › › read more

How Big is Your God?


Our personality, appearance, experience, education, and past experiences are not the measure of who we are. When we are ready, we can expand the boundaries of our mind. When we do this, we will also expand the boundaries of our hearts and of our understanding of God, of ourselves, and of our ability to allow › › › read more

So Why Not Ask?


When we think we are only egos, separated from Spirit and alone, we limit what we can achieve and receive. Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew 7:7: “Ask and it will be given to you.” Most of us were taught to pray and to ask from the attitude that we are separate from God. › › › read more